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"Sipi is an excellent and conscientious attorney who provided us with thorough and thoughtful advice on some tricky estate issues. She spent time listening and talking us patiently through issues. We highly recommend her to our friends and colleagues!"

- Cheng & Ben, October 2019

"Faced with life-threatening stage 3 breast cancer, my friend suddenly needed to make decisions about her children and estate as well as walk through 24 weeks of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. Ms. Sipi Gupta was recommended to us by another family in our neighborhood who had faced a medical crisis. Not only was Ms. Gupta fast and comprehensive, she was also kind, understanding, and gentle. She helped us get everything in order before the surgeries so my friend had the peace of mind that her daughters would be protected. We cannot recommend Ms. Gupta’s services highly enough. We are so very grateful to her."

- Joy, September 2019

"My husband and I had a fabulous experience working with Sipi as she walked us through estate planning. During the process of updating our will, Sipi was extremely patient and kind with us and was sensitive to our questions and concerns for our special needs child. And on the day of the signing, she spent extra time explaining each section of our documents. We left her office extremely impressed and happy we had found her!!!! Would definitely work with Sipi in the future."

- Jean, July 2019

"When our family was faced with a medical crisis, Sipi was referred to us by a friend so we could get a living will and other legal documents in order in time for Marya's surgery. Running against a clock, Sipi was extremely responsive, thoughtful, thorough, empathetic and professional in helping us prepare our legal documents. We would recommend her highly to friends and family and have already done so."

- Marya & Mike, June 2019

"Sipi is a very empathetic and passionate attorney. Her years of practice provide her with the experience that is necessary to provide customized estate planning solutions."

- Andrew, April 2019

"I highly recommend Gupta Law Firm. Ms. Gupta is extremely attentive and empathetic to the needs of her clients. My first experience was so positive during my mother’s estate planning that my husband and I have retained her for our own planning."

- Gina, April 2019

"I would highly recommend Sipi for any legal matter. I had just gone through a divorce and I needed help with some legal matters and needed it done as quickly as possible. I contacted Sipi and she immediately began the process, everything was done online and quickly. She was very patient and very understanding to my needs. If I ever have legal matters it’s good to know I have someone to go to that I can count on and afford."

- Terry, February 2019

"Sipi Gupta has helped me for several years getting my guardianship, trust, will, POA together, et al. I cannot say enough about her professionalism and her kindness and easygoing personality. If you are looking for an attorney, you’d be very wise to meet with her. She’s a gem!"

- Deb, October 2018

"My experience with the Gupta Law Firm was very positive. Ms. Gupta is an experienced attorney in Wills and Estate matters. She was organized and insightful during my initial consultation. She delivered my requested documents in a timely manner. I highly recommend the Gupta Law Firm."

- Gloria, September 2018

"My wife and I are grateful for Ms. Sipi Gupta's advice. It helped us to decide between guardianship and power-of-attorney for our son's future."

- Rich, June 2018

"A dear friend, who is also a lawyer, recommended that we contact Sipi for a rather complex estate issue following the death of a beloved parent. With Sipi's organization, guidance and expertise we were able to get through this emotionally charged time and close the estate issues successfully."

- Linda, March 2018

"Wonderful, professional service from a qualified and empathetic attorney."

- Denise, February 2018

"Sipi, at the Gupta Law Firm, has been invaluable in helping me with many legal documents for my special needs son and also with some of my personal legal concerns. She is smart, beautiful, kind, passionate, empathetic and a patient attorney. She has guided me for several years with guardianship, trusts, wills and many processes needed in the special needs world. I did not understand some things and have become overwhelmed at times but, she presses forward and even educates me! She also has taken the time to connect with me after hours and even on weekends when needed. She has provided me with the best legal services and I have great comfort in knowing she is available whenever I have the need. I would recommend her to anyone and have done so within my special needs support system."

- Carole, October 2017

"Working with Sipi, at the Gupta Law Firm, has been a positive experience. It is great to know we have counsel available for our specific business model in the special needs services arena. Sipi is both clear with timeline expectations and prompt to respond. Additionally, we know that she is providing us with the best quality of service and look forward to a continued relationship!"

- Jen, COO, March 2017

"We would use Sipi again if we had a legal problem. She explained everything clearly and is knowledgeable. We left feeling more educated. We would recommend Sipi to friends and tell them she has an affordable fee, too."

- Daniel & Annamma, January 2017

"I had just recently purchased a townhouse and found out

that I was powering a large street light located at

a dead end of my homeowner's association. The light had

been directly wired into my private fuse box. Sipi was

kind enough to provide guidance to help me through the

issue which involved our local utility company RG&E and a manager of my HOA. Neither party would give me correct information regarding the light's electrical usage and restitution for me providing the energy to it. Sipi was a HUGE help in helping clarify the situation as neither party involved was offering a solution. For these reasons I would highly recommend her."

- Paul, December 2016

"I would highly recommend Sipi for any legal matters related to guardianship in PA. She is an expert in special needs with personal connections to our community. She is affordable, professional, and kind."

- Anna, November 2016

"Sipi was thorough and thoughtful in reviewing/amending

our will and special needs trust. She

was always responsive to our many questions as

we made our way through a complicated process."

- Kathy & Jody, November 2016

"My son lost his benefits because of a bureaucratic error and despite all my advanced degrees I was unable to straighten it out. Ms. Gupta was able to slice to the core and solve the problems in a timely fashion. My son regained all of his benefits and all of my interactions with Ms. Gupta were excellent."

- Mordechai, November 2016