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Special Needs

Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

At The Gupta Law Firm, we can help create and implement a suitable and sustainable plan for you or your loved one. We will evaluate any benefits currently received, identify unmet needs, and plan for future needs specific to the challenges you or your loved one face due to a medical condition, which helps to support an individual’s independence and quality of life. With 9 years of experience, we can also create efficiencies due to our expertise that are often overlooked and that may prevent unnecessary court involvement.

Planning for Families with Special Needs Children

We can help you understand the available options to get and keep public benefits for your child. At The Gupta Law Firm, we will drill down and get detailed information about your child’s stream of benefits and answer your questions about private health insurance, Medicaid services, Medicare, and whether a special needs trust or other trust plan best suits your child.


In many cases a guardianship is required in order for a family member or other caregiver to continue to manage and provide for the needs of an individual with disabilities or a minor. At the Gupta Law Firm we are experienced in the creation and administration of guardianships. In a court hearing with settlement funds, we can combine the guardianship process with a request for approval of the settlement claims, and creation of a Special Needs Trust and/or Medicare Set-Aside arrangement.

Involuntary Discharges

Hospitals and other care settings that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid program must provide discharge protections to all patients, whether or not their care is paid for under these programs. However, enforcing these rights gets tricky for family members who need to get along with hospital staff. At the Gupta Law Firm we can intervene and help combat involuntary discharges.