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By: Sipi Gupta | January 13, 2020

Today, most courts find that a parent has a duty to support an adult child who is unable (as opposed to unwilling) to support himself. Sometimes this is based on a court’s interpretation of an applicable statute. Other times there is no statute on point and the court instead relies on the decisions of courts in prior cases. Occasionally, if the court has no supporting statutory or case law on which to rely, the court will forge ahead and base its decision on its interpretation of the historical common law relating to parental duties.

A small number of courts around the country have held that a parent has no duty to support an adult child who cannot support herself. This minority position usually results from a court relying on a statute that...

By: Sipi Gupta | May 13, 2019

There are many federal government benefit programs available to individuals with disabilities. Programs are often referred to by confusing acronyms (LIHEAP, SNAP, QMB, to name just a few) and some programs are very different but sound similar (for instance, Medicare and Medicaid or SSI and SSDI). Stop in each week for a spotlight on a different benefit program. Today, we take a look at Adoption Assistance.

Benefit:  Cash benefit to parents who adopt special needs children
Asset Limit:  None
Income Limit:  None
Comments:  Amount of the benefit and term of the benefit varies with each state and the child's needs

By: Sipi Gupta | April 25, 2019

These concerts allow sensory-sensitive patrons to engage with the music and the concert hall on their own terms!!

Relaxed Sensory Friendly Performances

What is a Relaxed Sensory Friendly Performance?

Relaxed performances are designed to provide a concert experience that is welcoming, inclusive, and comfortable for children and families with sensory sensitivities, as well as anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.

Our aim is to create a safe and accepting environment where children, including those on the autism spectrum and with other developmental disabilities, and their families can experience live music together. The Academy of Music’s Ballroom—with its comfy carpet-floor (...

By: Sipi Gupta | January 03, 2018

Awareness of the need for all-access playgrounds continuing to rise. Check out this one in South Jersey!  And, read more about the movement to create more boundless playgrounds for kids here.

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By: Sipi Gupta | May 11, 2017

The challenges of being a child with special needs, or the parent of one, are fairly well known and documented. Less talked about and often ignored is the experience of being the sibling of someone with special needs.  The role can bring with it a confusion of emotions, including frustration, anger, pride, shame, competitiveness, protectiveness, and a sense of having been abandoned in favor of someone with seemingly greater needs.  All of these feelings are explored and dealt with in a new comic book, “Adventures From My World,” conceived and written by a New Jersey teenager named Julie Averbach.

The 20-page comic book presents six illustrated stories of children confronting the challenges of having a sibling with special...

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